Increase Muscle with the SYFIT X TRAINING SYSTEM FAQ.

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Q…How does the SYFIT X system work?

The SYFIT X system works by incorporating Isometric training and standard repetition training together.

The Isometrics works on strengthening the weakest part of a movement through static contraction, while the straight repartitions works on the full range of motion. this approach gives you the best of both worlds with increase muscle size and strength.

Q…How long do I use the Syfit x training system?

The Syfit x training system is flexible enough to be about to be used in many ways..

1. It can be used for 8-12 weeks as a replacement for any other program to induce more strength and size.

2. You can also can use the system on a 2 week on - 2 off protocol with heavy straight set workouts, this will enable you to increase muscle without your body getting too use to using the same system.

3 This system can also be used to focus on individual body parts for increase muscle and strength by implying its use on certain days while training the other body parts with standard training.

Q.. Would I get injured using this System?

like with every form of weight training there is a risk of injury if exercises are not performed in the correct manner and if warm ups and warm downs are not adhered to.

The isometric part of the set works on the strengthening of the weakest part of a movement,after all whether your after increase muscle or strength, you are only as strong as the weakest part of the movement.

It should be recognized that you can not use the same amount of weight on the isometric part of the movement than you would normally use to perform the same exercise without using the Syfit x system.This is because you will be working on the weakest part of the exercise with Isometrics.

Q..Is this system only for Bodybuilders?

In a nutshell NO. We have power lifters using this same system to work on strengthening certain muscles to help increase overall total lifts.

We also have fitness competitors using this system for increased muscular endurance and condition. I would also recommend using a form of this system for rehabilitation work, to help strengthen connective tissue.

From a bodybuilder who wants increase muscle point of view, especially those who use steroids, there seems to be a widening gap between muscle and connective tissue strength. This system brings the gap closer together.

Q…How about nutrition

To increase muscle your nutrition should always remain tight no matter what program your using. To increase muscle I have noticed that the recovery, especially of those who don’t use steroids may become a factor. I would recommend the following for increase muscle *1.5 grams of Protein *drink plenty of water before during and after your workout * include Beta Alanine and BCAAs in your pre workout drink * Have a post workout drink AFTER TRAINING. *Increase your magnesium intake.

If you would like a report/review on Beta-Alanine click here

Q…How do I determined the weight to use ?

Good question but that will have to come through a little trial and error on your part.The general rule of thumb is between 60-70%of what you would normally use.

There are some exercises that you will use where you will be able to use a heavier weight on the second half of the set (example…some back and quad movements) so prepare before a set by having some extra weight near by to add to the bar or machine in between the isometric and the standard part of the set.

There are times when you will be using the same weight on both half’s of the exercise, then there will also be times when you have finished the Isometric part of the movement and really want to lighten the weight. At this point I would strongly discourage that move and would always advise to rest for up to 10 seconds before doing the second half of your reps, rather than going down in weight.

Spend the first week determining the weights and always keep a record in your workout journal.

Q..How many sets do I use?

On week one I would do no more than 5-6 sets (3 exercises) for a major body part and 4-5 (3 exercises) for a smaller muscle group.

As you get use to the style and feel you may increase it by a set per body part per week, until you reach 7-9 sets


Q…Do you have a exercise demonstration video section of all the exercises you advise using this system?


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