Here are 40 muscle building tips to help you to reach your goals. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or someone just starting out in the game, we hope you find something you can use in your own personal quest.


1...Always warm up before a workout and always warm down after every workout

2...Eat every 2-3 hours.

3...Never be scared to change your workout when you feel that things are going stale.

4...Preparation is everything. You can’t prepare for everything but you can have a good go.

5...Always plan ahead whether it be your workouts or your nutrition.

6...Cycle your training with heavy ands light sessions, you can’t train like Ronnie Coleman all the time.

7...Never be scared to try something new, don’t just do things because everyone else is doing it.

8...If your thinking of using super supps, always, always do your research, you can never know too much.

9...Spending time chit chatting about what happen over the weekend while you are training won’t build you any muscle, its more likely to get you injured.

10...Don’t forget to train your legs. Its funny how people who don’t train legs seem to think that if you cover them up, they won’t get seen….WRONG!! . Go for the x shape rather than the V shape. ( muscle building tips 1-10)


11...Eat enough protein to recover and grow.

12...Don’t forget to take your muscle building vitamins. Want to know the top ten muscle building vitamins? check out our supplement section.

13...Never be scared to take your set to failure, that’s what training partners and power racks are for, its where the most muscle is made.

14...Stay focus on the bigger picture but never forget that the bigger picture is made up of lots of smaller ones.

15...Always have a goal to reach and a plan of how you will get there, that’s what keeps the muscle building coming.

16...Start with the basic exercises and then work out from there Get the basics right and the rest will follow.

17...Diet is at lease 80% of the whole muscle building process .If your diet is not in check your training will soon fall apart.

18...Never skip a meal. you can bet that your muscles won’t be that impressed with you and may take a while to forgive you.

19...If it’s not working, drop it, but give it every chance to work.

20...Bodybuilding is the only 24 hour sport in the world. From the time you wake up till the time you hit the sack, till the time you wake up again the process goes on. With that said, its good to switch off and enjoy other things too. (muscle building tips 11-20)


21...Plan your workout in advance for better results. keeping a running workout log can help you to improve by seeing where you’ve been and where your heading .

22...If your out for the day, pack and take your food with you, you’ll be glad you did.

23...Never sacrifice good form for weight. There are sometimes when you might want to loosen your style a touch to move more weight, but don’t go so over board that you risk injury. Form should always outweigh weight, thats our muscle building tips..23.

24...Post workout nutrition is one of the most important meals of the day so please treat it with respect (check out our feature in the supplement section) You have a small window of growth opportunity straight after training to re-feed your beat up muscles….DON’T MISS IT!! You can talk and drink at the same time .

25.Don’t let anyone tell you that it can‘t be done, if you want it bad enough, find a way to get it done. Grab yourself a bucket load of desire mixed with determination and topped off with a mans size clump of grit and see where that takes you.

26...Never act like you know everything, there is always something new to learn in this sport.

27...Don’t forget that water is very important in the muscle building process.

28...There’s no short cut to hard work, it takes time, just ask Jay Cutler.

29...Its common courtesy to replace the weights in the gym unless your P Diddy and your paying someone else to put them back for you.

30...Like mum said “Don’t forget to eat your greens”(muscle building tips 21- 30)


31...Listen to your body, it may have something important to say.

32...Heavy and high volume, you can do both at once, but use everything in moderation .

33...Eat to fuel faster paced workouts. A mistake made is that you kick up the intensity but end up shitting the bed halfway through a workout for lack of fuel. Muscle building tips number 33.

34...Protein, creatine, glutamine and BCAAs are all “must haves” for anyone serious about building muscle.

35...Start the day off in an anabolic way with a whey drink and some quick carbs.

36...To get that killer pump in the gym try, 10 grams of BCAAs, 5 grams L-Arginine, 5 grams of creatine, 5 grams of Beta-Alanine and 10 grams of L-glutamine.

37...Train instinctively, be the master of your own body and needs.

38...Since you will be fasting at bed time for the next 6-9 hours, go for a slow digesting micellar casein protein with a tablespoon of peanut butter. It will provide a slow and steady supply of amino acids throughout the night, while the peanut butter will further slow the breakdown of protein.

39...Deep tissue massage aids recovery and helps with flexibility.

40...Get regular check up’s with your doctor and if you use super supps be reasonable and have regular blood work done.(muscle building tips 31-40)

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