Hi folks, just wanted to post some good comments left on my facebook wall after posting this article, please be warn that the following content has some strong language, I thought I would leave it in to give you the full facts. The following facebook convo was between myself and someone making comments about the article.


Jeremy Schaeler..... Impossible!

Symon Henry.... Here's the man that took up the challenge, its easy to knock what you can't understand...sounds impossible from the outset,but rest assured, with the right trainer, knowledge and the right client, we got it done ..but thanks anyway for your comment, you may need to read the whole article in instead of just the title. Have a geat day.

Jeremy Schaeler... yeah I may need to read the whole article to understand... your right.. however.. I might also get struck by lightning before finding someone who can obtain those results.. or who would want to.. cheers.. lol

Symon Henry... I can c that your a real intelligent guy, i would like to pose a question to u before u get struck by lighting...Keven English won the 202 mr O class..his weight was 202 at the weigh in BUT he was near 220 when he stepped on stage...Same deal with boxers who have to make weight, do u think Mr Merryweather steps in the ring at his restricted weight? NO ..He;s 10 lbs heavier on fight night..and that just in one day...HOPE THE LIGHTNIG DON'T KILL U B4 THANKSGIVING

Jeremy Schaeler.... Oh I'm sorry.. I thought we were talking about muscle.. not the majority being water weight. It seems you might have attempted to insult me with the whole intelligence remark.. I didn't personally attack you in my comment.. I'll assume that wasn't your intention. Not here to have a dick measuring contest. Peace

Symon Henry... Oh sorry my friend, your intelligence was already dented b4 I made any comments, simply because you failed to read and understand the contents of the article. So goin back to my earlier comment about Kevin English putting on a good deal of weight in one day...did'nt he look great? the judges thought so and so did the people watching the show.

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Nov 23, 2010
by: Frank

Ok I want to put my 10cent in the mix too. When I first saw the title I thought "bull" here we go AGAIN with the same crap supplement compays use when they want us to buy there gear...Then I looked again at the title...and simplely because it did'nt say gain 25lbs of muscle in 7 days I decided to have a peep at the article. Bloodly good read and thank you for not misleading the readers by stating something else. I did get te feeling that Coach Sy never really gave us the ABC of what he did when it came down to the diet,I did put that down to the fact that we as readers are not paying Coach Sy for viewing over his articles, that comes free. I guess some trade secrets are going to be left out ( which Sy spoke about when he told the reader that this was just a sample of what his client did) i loved the fact that you spoke about Keven English in your facebook comments, but maybe you on reflection should have included that very thought in your article...Top read Coach Sy...Keep up the hard work...5 stars to you bro!!

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