How I had my client Gain 25 Pounds in 7 days

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This is a story of how my client went from 192 pounds to 217 pounds in bodyweight in only 7 days. Learn every little secret technique I used to accomplish this mind- blowing weight gain.

It started as a building muscle mass challenge by one of my clients. It took all the knowledge I had about weight gain to put it to work all at once as not to loose this challenge.

How much weight could I add to my client in one week? What would his upper limit be? He had some vacation time coming up where he could do nothing but eat, sleep and train so I decided to take him up on his build muscle mass challenge. This is his story...

I knew from the start that this weight gain certainly wouldn't be all muscle. In fact, it's impossible to gain that much weight in muscle in only one week (unless you're a baby elephant!).

He was going to gain a combination of muscle, water and most likely some fat as well, lucky for him I class is skinny arse as a hardgainer. That rapid of a weight gain, however, was going to force a lot of nutrients into his muscles quickly, resulting in some permanent muscle gains.

To start his build muscle mass adventure, I first had to set him up for it by dieting down. Why diet down to gain weight?

Your body adapts most rapidly to extreme changes in environment. I knew he wanted to build muscle mass quickly, therefore I had to first subject him to a restricted-calorie diet. When I would reverse his goals and begin to feed him again, his body would react by rapidly sucking up every available calorie and holding onto it.

To further set him upon our build muscle mass road, the diet I put him on was a two-week carbohydrate-restricted plan (keto diet). For two weeks, he ate less than 30 grams of carbs per day, sticking to meats, eggs, cheese, vegetables and nuts with olive oil.

This cleared out all the glycogen he had stored in his body as well as reducing the amount of water he was carrying (water attaches itself to carbs in your body - when you clear out the carbs, several pounds or more of water will be flushed out with it).

It was kind of like squeezing out a sponge - you can fit more water into a sponge that's been squeezed totally dry than a sponge that's already moist

It's important to note that I didn't restrict his water intake at all. That will give you exactly the wrong effect. If you restrict your water intake while dieting, your body will actually hold onto more water.

If you give your body plenty of water, it will have no reason to hold onto every drop you give it and will flush it out regularly.



For training during this phase, I had him doing three high-intensity cardio sessions per week for about 20 minutes each. This cardio was extremely tough and designed to burn as many calories as possible as quickly as possible before I put him on the build muscle mass diet.

This would make his body extremely hungry for nutrients and ready to absorb as much as possible. I also made him do high-volume, high-rep weight training (12 to 15 reps per set), 6 sessions per week with very short rest periods to further set up this effect.

After 2 weeks of this training and dieting, my client was ready to start his build muscle mass diet. On Saturday evening, after his final training session for the week, he weighed in at 192 pounds. On Sunday morning, he woke up and immediately took his first serving of creatine and glutamine. My focus on this day was to have him eat as much as possible, load up on creatine and glutamine and drink as much water as possible.

Both of these supplements are excellent for forcing water into the muscles. Taking creatine alone can result in a 5 to 10 pound increase in weight over the loading phase of 5 days. To further maximize this effect, I had him not use creatine for 3 months prior to this build muscle mass diet.

He took 4 servings of creatine and glutamine this day, along with eating as much as he could (for example, eggs, oatmeal, meats, potatoes, fruits, rice, etc.) and drinking buckets of water. He would continue loading creatine for the next 4 days, taking glutamine only after each workout from then on rather than with his creatine loading. I had him start his weight training program on Monday.

He was going to be doing a very demanding program, doing 12 total-body training sessions over the next 6 days.

My theory with having him doing multiple total-body training sessions is this: every single bodypart was going to get as much breakdown and stimulation as possible to maximize the amount of nutrients being taken up over my whole body in this build muscle mass phase.

He would do more sets for the larger parts like chest, back and thighs and fewer sets for the other smaller parts. Every part would get worked twice a day for six days straight. This type of training is not appropriate for a long-term program as it would rapidly lead to overtraining in a matter of weeks.

This was a one-week shot for me to meet this build muscle mass challenge and I was putting everything into it.

After taking his creatine, he made breakfast, which consisted of 10 eggs and a bowl of oatmeal that would feed a family of 4. For flavor, I had him mixed in some fruit yogurt. To gain weight effectively, you really need to eat big.

He got to the gym for his first session that day and weighed himself. He had gained 10 pounds in the first day of our build muscle mass diet, GAME ON!!. Not a bad start! All that eating, drinking water and supplementation was paying off. His body was extremely primed for gaining.

His training session lasted about 45 minutes, during which I had him work every bodypart. After the workout, he immediately took a mixture of whey protein (45 grams), creatine (5 grams), glutamine (10 grams) and a sugary powdered drink mixed with a scoop of waxy maze as well as some vitamins and minerals (multi-vitamin, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, and an anti-oxidant in the way of pure cocoa powder, the best anti-oxidant on the planet).

It's critical to provide your body with nutrients and raw materials to rebuild with as quickly as possible after training otherwise your body will just be breaking itself down further in this build muscle mass phase.

I made him go home and set to work making lunch, which consisted of 2 large chicken breasts and a big bucket of spaghetti and meat sauce. Several hours later, he had a couple of cans of tuna, a sandwich and some ice cream. Please note, these meals are just samples of what he ate on this build muscle mass diet and not specifically what you should eat.

All during the day and evening, he was constantly drinking water. When I say constantly, I mean he got up every 10 to 15 minutes and drank a full glass of water over the course of the whole day. Put it this way, he was very well-hydrated, which is extremely important when undertaking this build muscle mass diet. If your muscles don't have enough water, they simply can't grow.

His evening training session was also a total-body workout. At this point, his body was so flooded with carbs and water from having come off a low-carb diet, everything he did was giving his muscles an incredible pump. I had him was focusing on heavy weights for sets of 6 to 10 reps during his sessions and stretching out thoroughly after.

After the workout, he had another supplement and vitamin mix then went home. He had 4 eggs and a bowl of cereal for a post-workout build muscle mass meal, then a protein shake right before bed. He mixed up a protein shake and set it beside his bed so if, in the middle of the night, he woke up, he could drink a protein shake. This would provide extra calories and protein and reduce the amount of time he went without food during the night.

Believe me, with the amount of water I had my client drinking during the day and during his training, waking up during the night was a given! I repeated this type of schedule over the next days of his build muscle mass diet plan, continuing with my creatine loading, food loading and water loading. By the end of the second day, He had gained 15 pounds of bodyweight. By the end of the third day, He was up 18 pounds.

When he finished his creatine loading after the fifth day of his build muscle mass plan, he began taking a protein shake with grape juice first thing in the morning instead. Taking protein and quick carbs immediately upon waking is the best way to start the day. It instantly reverses the catabolic state your body is in after fasting during sleep.

His training was going well and his body was sucking up everything I was asking him to put into it. His strength gains were also rapid and his fat gains were actually quite minimal. I had him in the home stretch now on this build muscle mass blueprint. On Saturday afternoon, his girlfriend came over and made a huge meal of Shepherd's Pie, which is basically a big pile of ground beef, potatoes and corn. Great for our build muscle mass objective .

He went to the gym that night for his final build muscle mass training session and tipped the scales at 217 pounds. In only one week, to give you an idea of the amazing strength and size gains he got, he was able to increase the amount of weight he could bench press for 8 reps by 20 pounds and he had added a full inch to my arms in this build muscle mass phase.

The best part this build muscle mass was excellent for stretching the fascia of his muscles, giving them more room to grow

Using all the knowledge and techniques (and appetite) for weight gain at my disposal, my client gain 25 pounds of bodyweight in only one week!