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Losing Fat is Like Draining a Swimming Pool...Why Spot Reduction Just Doesn't Hold Water

Want to lose stomach fat? Have a problem area you want to tighten up? What you can actually do about those problem areas.

"How can I lose my gut?"

"How do I stop my arms from flapping in the wind?"

"How can I get rid of this stomach fat?"

"How do I lose just the fat on my thighs?"

These are questions I hear regularly...the bottom-line question being asked is "how can I lose fat from one specific area?"

And I'm sorry to say, the quick answer is... "You can't."

But don't panic! Just because you can't spot-reduce from one specific area doesn't mean you'll never lose that fat! It just means you have to look at things a bit differently when it comes to fat loss.

THAT is where the pool I mentioned comes in. I would love to give credit to the person who I burgled this analogy from (if you're reading this, let me know!) but think of your bodyfat stores as a pool...

When you fill up a pool (i.e. bodyfat stores), the deep end fills up first, right? Of course! It's the deep end. Well, the same thing happens in your body. Think of your stomach as the deep end. When you start putting on fat, your deep end starts filling up first.

So you're happily swimming along until one day you realize your swimming pool is too full and it's time to drain some water from the pool (i.e. lose some fat).

To spot reduce and lose that fat from the "deep end," you'd have to drain the deep end first. Not gonna happen. If you can think of a way to drain just the deep end of a pool, I'd like to know it!

This is what happens with fat loss. The stuff you put on LAST is the stuff that comes off FIRST. And generally speaking, the stuff you put on FIRST (i.e. problem areas like the gut and thighs) is the stuff that comes off LAST (because it's the deep end of the pool).

So what's the strategy? You're going to have to drain more of the pool to get that deep end down.

In fat-loss terms this means you're going to have to lose fat from all over your body before the stuff you REALLY want to get rid of comes off.

I know...that's probably the LAST thing you wanted to hear but it's the unvarnished truth. I'm afraid doing ten thousand crunches every morning won't get you the ripped six-pack you're looking for. And doing ten thousand leg-lifts (no matter how much you feel the burn) won't pull that fat from your thighs.

It'll tighten up the muscles underneath that fat, but you won't really SEE much of a difference.

When the body switches on fat burning, it does so on a systemic basis. Going to back to the pool analogy, this would be like having multiple drains all draining water from the pool.

The water level goes down evenly when you drain a pool, no matter how many drains you've got or where the drains are draining from.

So when you lose fat, even if you're exercising the heck out of your abs by doing ten thousand crunches, you could be pulling fat from your legs for fuel.

The REAL secret about spot reduction is that you can't pick your spots.

Your body picks the spots for you. Reducing ALL your spots is the only way to spot reduce. So now that I've crushed your dreams about losing fat from just your stomach or thighs, I want to tell you that overall fat loss is not as hard as you might think!

Even small changes in your training and eating can really make a big difference in draining your fat pool. You don't have to go on a crash diet or train 3 hours a day to get results.



It can be real hard to stay focused when you need to lose weight and get fit. It can often feel like a punishment rather than an enjoyable affair, especially when you get to the gym and feel a little out of sorts. This is where the Syfit 28 day rapid fat loss program takes your fat loss goal from a 5 minute dream into an achievable goal.

Welcome To My 28 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program

Hi my name is Symon Henry, qualified Workout, Nutrition and Motivational coach and I would like to share my 28 day Rapid Fat Loss Program


* Have no idea where to begin

* You don’t wish to commit to a long term program yet but want a taster program first

* You are doing everything right and still NO results

* You’re Tired of confusing and contradicting information

* You’re tired of diets that take over your life

* Your sick of eating boring foods

* You want a fat loss strategy that’s keeps you motivated


* Another crazy diet scam

* Another sales pitch for weight loss pills

* Another calorie counting program

* Another crash or starvation diet

Lose Up To 16 lbs Or More In 28 days And Continue To Burn Fat Off Month After Month

Every so often a fitness and motivation program comes along worthy of all the hype…this is it…R U READY for my 28 day rapid fat loss taster program?

This is a 28 day training and nutrition (manipulation) program that is relatively intense. Your going to work hard for 28 days BUT your results are going to come fast and will be significant when you follow the program.

The clients who have followed my program have burned off 10% off their unwanted weight in body fat in the 28 days and a couple of dress and pants sizes, then continued to burn fat month on month with the SYFIT 8 and 16 week programs.

This online program is simple in its brilliance. You’ll workout 4 times per week for 28 days and eat the foods that I outline in your program. There are 7 daily meal plans to choose from.

You will experience a little muscle soreness but nothing too bad, just enough for you to know that you just had an awesome workout.

The eating plan that I give you will not be a starvation diet as I don’t believe in those kinds of nutrition plans. Its actually a decent amount of calories manipulated in a crafty way to help your body to maximize it’s fat burning while maintaining your muscle during the 28 days.

You can use this program at the gym or at home with no equipment


Hi my name is Amber and I had the opportunity to sample this 28 day rapid fat loss program during the summer of 2010. When I started this program I weighed 160lbs After following the workout, cardio and nutrition plan to the book, I was please to find out that I had loss 14lbs and 4% bodyfat in the 28 days.

Some of you may feel that this wasn’t an earth shattering amount of weight to lose in 28 days. Coach Symon gave me an honest approach of how my weight drop would go, he put it like this.

Day 1 - 10..This first 7-10 days is where I would drop the most weight. 75% to 85% of that weight would be unwanted water weight, which my body would expel first. The Other weight loss in that first period would be fat.

Day 11 - 28...from here on in my weight drop will either come from one of two areas, FAT or MUSCLE. He went on to explain that the last place my body wants to rid weight from is my fat store, that’s like my body‘s shied against starvation.

Coach Symon told me that he wanted me to lose no more than 1 - 2.5 lbs (with a maximum of 3 lbs) per week, this would ensure that the body was tapping into only the fat stores and not my muscle, after all, your body needs muscle to burn fat effectively . Any more than 2.5 - 3 lbs loss in 7 days after the first 7-10 period would mean my body would be dipping into my muscle stores.

At first I didn’t think that I would get on with an online coach , simply because he or she wouldn’t be there pushing and kicking my butt when I felt like taking a short cut. This is where I valued the daily motivational quotes that coach Symon sent, he got me into the habit of reading throughout the day which helped me to stay motivated and on track.

I won’t lie and say that it was dog easy, because if it were you wouldn’t be reading my testimonial right now. What I will say is that I had some great workouts, they felt more like self achievements rather than a chore. The great thing was Coach Sy was always full of encouragement which help to motivate me.

When I completed the 28 day program Symon set me up with an 16 week program where I have continued to drop fat at a steady and safe rate of 1- 2lbs pr week.

I found it easy to stay in contact with Coach Sy, if I had a problem or just a question he would always get back to me in good time, which was really important for me. My Rapid fat loss went like this

Day 1-7...dropped 7lbs

Day 8-14...dropped 3lb

Day 15- 21...dropped 2lb

Day 22-28...dropped 2lb


Look What Is Included In This Awesome Package.

* online consultation

* You will receive your own secure log on Client page. This easy to use page is will store everything you need , this will include

- An 28 day nutrition program with 7 daily meals plans to choose from.

- 28 day workout plan which will include exercise demonstration videos

- 28 day cardio plan.

- An area where you can contact the coach and receive unlimited support, it is also the area where you will receive your daily motivational quotes.


* Your BMI (body mass index) count.

* Free access to the Syfit Fitness and Motivational Webinar (worth $50)

* 1 phone calls from your coach to find out how your progress is going. (optional)

Most importantly you get my full support to help guide, motivate and inspire you to change goal setting into goal achievement.

THE SYFIT TRAINING BUDDY (additional service)

I know how hard it can be to stay motivated and focused on your goal 100% of the time. Lack of motivation is the biggest reason why people fail to achieve their goals. It would be nice to have that voice of encouragement every now and then, pushing you to do your best and helping you to get through the worse of it.

That’s why I’ve Created the SYFIT Training Buddy System. All you need are 2 items

* Cell Phone with the Skype facility

* Set of Earphones, with a built in mike

Imagine that it’s the morning of day 13 of the 28 day Rapid Fat Loss Program. The past 12 days have been ok, but your not looking forward to your cardio session and if truth be known you would rather skip it today. Before the negative thoughts festers any further an you decide to book the Syfit Buddy System for that evening.

Right its all booked and ready to go for tonight. You fire off a text to me 5 minutes before your ready to do your cardio. I call you when your ready to start and go through the whole session with you, by time your finish you will be flying high and ready to kick ass the next day.


Since this is my beta version I am only taking on a small group of 15 clients on this program. I have priced this for anyone to be able to afford.

This sign up is to start the 28 day rapid fat loss program on 5th January 2011. So if you want to be one of the first 15 clients on the program then secure your place now. As Christmas and new year is just round the corner I thought that starting the new year with a new program will keep you motivated , by giving you something to look forward to. You can enjoy Christmas by knowing you have a plan to get fit already set up and ready to go.

The Entire 28 Day Program Is Only $97

Privacy Policy


Results for the 28 day rapid fat loss program will vary from person to person. Results are vary much dependant on body type, genetics and most importantly if a client is motivated to follows all parts of the program for the full 28 day period.

We advice that before undertaking any workout and nutrition program , you consult your doctor. Syfit will not be held responsible for any injury caused while training. Looking forward to coaching you .

after payment has been made please scroll down to the bottom of the page and complete the short form to confirm date of payment, name and email address.

I will then send you a consultation form. When this form has been submitted it will activate your private client page (this will take up to 36 hours for me to study your form and set up your program)

Once this stage has been completed I will email you instructions on how to access your personal page.

28 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program

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